Needles & Pens, Pens & Needles

Well, we’ve moved to a new state and with that we had to change everything including Kimmy Sue’s endocrinologist.  We really like our new doctor and of course she has the way she likes to do things.  So Kimmy’s new endocrinologist sent us home with the insulin pen to try. If you’re not familiar with the pen, it has a store of insulin in it so there is no drawing up your dosage. You just turn the knob on the bottom of the pen to the number of units you’ve calculated then stick the needle in and push the button on the end to administer the dosage. The needle is a bit shorter than the needles on the syringes we have been using.

We’ve just started using it since we had to use up the insulin we had so we’re just adjusting to it. Kimmy likes it. She says it doesn’t hurt as much as the syringes do (which really wasn’t bad at all to start with.) I guess that’s because the needle is shorter. She said it does hurt a little but we think that’s because the needle gets dull. You are supposed to change the needle each time you use it but the doctor only gave us two packages of needles tips and we’re down to the last ones so we’re trying to preserve until we go back to the doctor. I don’t think we’re going to make it. I’m going to have to see if I can buy the tips over the counter like you can syringes (did you know you can buy syringes over the counter? Neither did I!) so we can get through until we see the doctor again.

The doctor also suggested that we use an insulin pump (as opposed to either syringes or needles.) We’re just not sure about that. We’ve done a bit of research but we’re going to have to discuss it with the doctor because we’ve got questions and there’s only so much a brochure can tell you. We will see when we go back.


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