Okay, I know Christmas is over and I know I already posted tonight but I forgot that I hadn’t written about our latest TSO adventure and this year’s was exciting. As you all know (or if you’ve just joined us you don’t know yet) Kimmy Sue and I LOVE the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO.) Our first experience with TSO was on Kimmy Sue’s birthday in 2012. I had heard of TSO and had always wanted to see them and I thought Kimmy Sue might enjoy it so I got tickets to see them on Kimmy’s birthday. It was the last year that they performed their Beethoven’s Last Night (BLN) program. They were AWESOME!!!! Of course, this was right before Kimmy got sick so at the time she couldn’t fully appreciate the experience because she felt sick. However, I must share with you all the true nature of these performers. Not only do they give it their all during their performance, they take the time after the show to do a meet and greet where they sit at a table and sign autographs and share tidbits of conversation with the fans. Well, at our first concert I mentioned that it was Kimmy’s birthday. The performers all wished her a happy birthday and one of them (Mr. Rob Evan) even chanted her name rock star style several times while she was in line and as we were walking away he chanted again. It was awesome. I know I’ve told that story before but I tell it again so that you might fully understand the kindness of these people. So….on to our experience this year!

This year I was a little tight on funds so I waited too long to get our tickets for the show. We always see the West group because they are the ones that travel to the areas that are closest to us. We originally wanted to see them in Memphis and in St. Louis since we now live near Memphis and we were also planning on going back to Illinois to visit our family for Christmas. That didn’t work out so we ended up with tickets to the show in St. Louis. Also this year my mother decided she wanted to go so we had to rush to get another ticket after we’d bought ours. Long story short (I know, too late….) we ended up on the floor about three or four rows from the back. Our seats were pretty crappy for seeing the stage. I’m rather petite (which is just a really fancy way of saying I’m short) and Kimmy Sue is as well. So as far as the show went, we could see, just not all that great. As far as taking pictures the seats were terrible. I’m a terrible photographer to start with but that far back it was just hopeless. I took a couple and gave up. However, the really cool thing about the TSO concerts is that they know that people in the back and in the balcony sections have a hard time seeing the action so they set up their stage so that the performers go throughout the area on the floor and are seen there. In the back of the floor where all the sound equipment is there is a stage that raises up. During the performance two of the band members (the violinist, Asha Mevlana, and the guitar player, Angus Clark) come back to the back stage and are raised up on the platform and play for a while back there. Here’s where our story gets fun. We happened to be on the outside end of the row and Kimmy Sue was sitting on the end chair of the row. On the way back to the front stage the second time Asha came through she saw Kimmy sitting there and stood in front of her and played her violin directly in front of her, smiling at her and interacting with her. It was the so sweet of her to do that! Angus followed her back and on his way back up he too stood in front of Kimmy and he high fived her! It was so cute! Kimmy was so excited!  I tried to get a picture of Angus and Kimmy high fiving but as previously stated I’m a horrible photographer and it was an “action” shot so all I got was a big blur.  I did, however, get a couple of pictures of Asha in front of Kimmy.  Kimmy’s the one in the Santa hat, ha, ha!


Epic Violin Player

Asha Mevlana playing her violin in front of Kimmy Sue

Every year these performers pour their hearts and souls into these programs and every year they start their tour before Thanksgiving so not only do they miss Christmas at home but they miss Thanksgiving as well. So this year Kimmy Sue decided to make them Christmas cards to let them know that someone cared about them and that their hard work was appreciated. When we got to the meet and greet line Kimmy handed out her cards and got lots of hugs. Not only did Asha Mevlana recognize her from the audience but she hugged her and told her how much she loved the card Kimmy made. Several days after the show Kimmy Sue was still talking about how she got hugs from “famous” people.

As if that wasn’t enough, three days later I got an email on Facebook from Asha asking me for our address. She said she wanted to send Kimmy something when she got back from Europe. (This year TSO took their tour to Europe.) I sent her our address and thanked her again for her kindness toward Kimmy and told her about how Kimmy has Type I Diabetes and how she lives in a house full of boys and that TSO time is one of our favorite “Girls’ Night Out” activities. When we got home from our Christmas travels there was a triangular shaped Fed-Ex box in our garage. We brought it in and opened it and there was a very kind note from Asha. She thanked Kimmy again for the cards and told her that everyone loved them. She also sent Kimmy Sue one of the violin bows she used in the show! She had signed the grip on it as well. Kimmy was so super excited and I once again sent an email to Asha thanking her repeatedly for her kindness.  Here’s a picture of Kimmy Sue with the note Asha wrote and the bow.  You can’t see in the picture but the bow is all frayed from Asha playing.  It’s really cool!

Ashas Biggest Fan

Also, after some thought Kimmy has decided that she wants to take violin lessons now. So we hunted down a cheap violin and are now in the process of looking for a teacher. It’s going to be quite an adventure! I look forward to posting some video of her playing!


All in all it was an exciting evening. It was my mother’s first “rock ‘n roll” concert. Kimmy had some fun interactions with the members of the band and I really enjoyed the evening with my mother and my daughter.


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