The Future of Glucose Monitoring?

The Future of Glucose Monitoring?


When I saw an article today about glucose monitoring in my Facebook feed I had to click on it and see what it was about. Apparently Google is testing a contact lens that will measure glucose levels in tears. It will allow for constant glucose monitoring. That seemed pretty interesting to me. There would be no more need for pricking fingers and testing blood.

There were a couple of questions I had about it though. How would you know your glucose number? I guess there would have to be some sort of device that the information would be transmitted to. I wonder how much it would cost. I also wonder how someone would wear regular contact lenses. Kimmy Sue wears glasses and one day she’s going to want to wear contacts. I wonder if they ever came out with this if the person wearing the glucose monitoring lens would be limited to wearing just that lens or if they would make the glucose monitoring lens available in prescription lenses. Those are some things to think about.

If you are interested in reading the article here’s the link:


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