Quick Note

Quick Note

This past week was an extremely hard one for me. I had to go out of town for two funerals and since Kimmy has already missed so much school this year I couldn’t take her out anymore. I left her in the care of Mr. Daddy Man for the week. I left very early last Tuesday morning and didn’t get back until almost 1:00 in the morning Friday night (more on that later.)

I was pretty proud of Kimmy. Since she is on the pump we no longer have to do the injections and that makes me leaving her, while not easy, it’s a bit less to worry about. However, when her pump runs out of insulin I was worried about changing the inset. Kimmy usually does everything when changing the inset, well, everything except squeezing the buttons to set the inset in her tummy. She promised me she would do it herself and I was worried that she would get squeamish. She absolutely refused to give herself injections so I was afraid she would lose her nerve and not change her insulin. I told her she absolutely HAD to do it because if she didn’t she would end up in the hospital. She promised she would. Thursday morning she ran out of insulin in her pump. I called her that morning and she promised me she would change the inset. Around 6:30 that morning I got a text that said “I did it!” with several smiley faces behind it. I was VERY proud of her! And I was a bit relieved.

Later that night, however, she texted me and told me that her blood sugar was over 600 and she had moderate ketones. She said she tested earlier that evening when they went to the store and she was higher than she should be but it wasn’t that high. We know the routine of what to do when you have ketones so she was drinking water and had administered insulin. I told her to wait a couple hours and test her blood sugar again and to let me know what it was. She must have fallen asleep because I didn’t hear from her again. In the morning her blood sugar was in the 300’s and then later that morning it went down to 65. I was nine hours away and at a funeral. I was worried. Later she texted me and told me her blood sugar was 184 which is at the higher end of where we want her to be. My father and I were at his house at the time which is only 4 ½ hours away from home. Kimmy wanted me to come home and even though I wouldn’t be there until the wee hours I wanted to be home so I got in the car and came home. By that time her blood sugar was under control and she had no ketones so I wasn’t as worried but I was glad to be home.

I was very proud that she had changed her inset by herself but I wasn’t happy about her blood sugar going so high. I guess it’s a good thing we are going in Wednesday to get more training on the continuous glucose monitor. I hope it will help us understand why she went so high when she says she administered insulin throughout the day that day. It was scary being so far away when she was experiencing that! Hopefully we will get some answers next week at our next doctor’s appointment!


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