Pump Update!

So, tomorrow is the day for pump training. Kimmy is so excited she is practically bursting! I’m really happy for her too. So many people that I’ve talked to have said having the pump is life changing. We’ll be looking for the changes as we go along in this new lifestyle.

When I talked to our Medtronic Startright Representative a couple weeks ago, she had me pre-program the pump. We set the date, the time and linked the blood glucose meter to it. She also told me that we should watch the pre-training videos online at Medtronic.com/diabetes. I am ashamed to say that we didn’t do that until last night. We started the classes last night around 8:00 and didn’t get through them. I guess we’ll have to complete them tonight. Kimmy wasn’t terribly enthused to watch them though. They explained things like what the buttons do and how to change the time and date. We did learn about the alerts and alarms. That was helpful but so far we’ve only learned how to set which beep you prefer and how to change the time & date, simple things like that. We realize that we need to go to face to face training to learn how to program the pump to meet Kimmy’s needs but this other stuff is stuff that the Medtronic lady talked me through when I put the battery in. I think we could’ve probably skipped those online training classes but, hey, maybe they’ll teach us something in the next few. We’ll watch them anyway. We don’t have anything to lose.

What I find very interesting about this whole experience is that a great majority of the people so far that I’ve talked to in this journey either have a diabetes or have a child with diabetes. I find it very cool that almost everyone has some kind of experience with diabetes. This is very helpful because that means these people understand what Kim is experiencing and can answer any questions she may have. They get it because they have been there. As a mom I really appreciate that. I also think it’s pretty cool that they have chosen a career that involves their disease. Having diabetes experience makes you the best person to talk to about devices and treatment of diabetes. I am going to share my thoughts about this with Kimmy. Perhaps as she is growing up she will lean toward a career in endocrinology. She has mentioned it once or twice.

Well, tomorrow’s the day and we’re excited. We’ll keep you posted on how we are doing as we go along. 🙂


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