Oh, So Proud

Oh, So Proud!

This weekend I spent the weekend with my besties. We live about three hours apart and we don’t get to see each other very often. Usually I take Kimmy Sue with me for several reasons. 1) She’s always up for Girl Time. 2) She’s my mini-me and my shadow and I really enjoy having her around. And 3) She’s the baby of the family and I want to spend as much time with her as possible! However, this weekend I couldn’t take her with me. She’s been sick quite a bit this semester and when the kids miss so much school the school sends out what in our house we call “THE SUPER SECRET PROBATION LETTER.” The letter says that your child has missed X number of days of school and if they miss X more they will send you before the school probation board to discuss what problems you & your child might be having and what kind of services might help you & your child. Having been a counselor in my previous life I used to fill in for my mentor when he was unable to serve on the probation board at my last job so I am aware of the way the probation board works. In our house we have three children and with three children there’s bound to be illness pretty regularly. (One gets it, passes it on to another then he/she passes it on the other then it starts all over again…..like a vicious cycle!) So we usually get “THE SUPER SECRET PROBATION LETTER” each year. It doesn’t concern us much. So, having gotten said “SUPER SECRET PROBATION LETTER” for Kimmy Sue I couldn’t let her miss anymore school unnecessarily, plus the past week and this coming week are state testing weeks so missing school to go visiting was out of the question. So much to Kimmy’s disappointment, she had to stay home.

This weekend, however, I sent Kimmy and her brother, Logan, to stay with their Nana, my mom. This is a treat for the kids because since we moved we’re farther away from Nana and the kids, who were used to seeing Nana on a weekly basis, see Nana infrequently. Since my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of this past year and we’ve had several losses in the family over the past year and a half we’re much more aware of how important family is so we are making an effort to spend as much time with family as possible. As my husband says, “Give hugs while you can because you never know when you will lose someone.” So, this weekend the kids got to spend the weekend with Nana.

This is a big deal because this is the first time that Nana’s had full responsibility of giving Kimmy insulin. We’ve spent weekends there before since Kimmy was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes but this is the first time that I’ve not been there to calculate the dosages and give Kimmy her insulin. I left on Thursday so the kids were home with Bill for Thursday night and Friday morning. Bill’s calculated doses and given insulin before so it’s not that big of deal for him. Kimmy just prefers that I do it. She says he doesn’t do it right. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t calculate the dosage right and give her the injection right. That just means he doesn’t do it like Mommy does it. We have a routine (1, 2, 3 stick; in goes the needle; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 pull; out comes the needle, pat, pat, pat; give the injection site a love pat). Kimmy’s a Mama’s girl so she prefers Mama to give her the shot. Anyway, so Nana picked the kids up after school on Friday so she was responsible for all the doses from dinner dose on Friday to dinner dose on Sunday.

Nana was a little nervous for the first day and a half. She called several times to verify the dosage. She was always correct and of course, Kimmy knows how to calculate her dosage and she knows how to draw up the insulin as well. We had a slight problem because there were some syringes in the Diabetes Bag that were bigger dosage syringes. Bill’s mom has Type 2 Diabetes and she takes insulin as well but she uses the pen. She had some syringes that she never used so she gave them to us. We were going to use them until we realized that the units were labeled differently on the new syringes. Our syringes are labeled in units of five. The new syringes are labeled in units of ten. It makes drawing up Kimmy’s dosages a little confusing so we don’t use those syringes. Somehow some of those syringes got put in the bag and taken to Nana’s house. Luckily there were enough of the old type to get through the weekend. 🙂 Other than that, Nana did an awesome job with giving insulin. She was concerned on Sunday afternoon that after she had given a dose of insulin for breakfast that Kimmy’s blood sugar was 253 before lunch. I told her not to worry about it that maybe they had miscalculated the carbs or something but she was a little worried. I told her that we were going to the endocrinologists in a few days and I would discuss it with them then and for now to just adjust the insulin dosage to take the blood sugar level into account. She was content with that.

Other than that, it was a fantastic weekend. Nana discovered that she can handle Kimmy’s diabetes with confidence and she feels like this opens up a whole new realm of visiting. Now Nana’s talking about how much time she’s going to spend with the kids this summer! I’m glad she feels confident in giving Kimmy insulin and I’m pretty proud of her for taking this on when she was so nervous to do it! She kept saying “I don’t want to hurt her” and we had a hard time convincing her that the injections really don’t hurt that bad! But she overcame her fears and pretty soon she’ll be a pro just like Kimmy and me! We’re proud of you, Nana!!! Love you a whole bunch and thanks for taking the kids so I could enjoy a weekend with the girls!


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