Life’s Changes

Life’s Changes

I have been terrible about keeping the blog up to date. I can’t even remember the last time I posted! Shame on me!

Kimmy’s in 7th grade now and she’s growing up way too fast. This year Kimmy joined the broadcasting team at her school. The broadcasting team is responsible for recording short videos each day in order to alert the students of the daily announcements. She is learning a great deal about broadcasting and having a great time doing it. School is school and she still doesn’t like math but she has some teachers that she is really enjoying this year. She’s doing well.

Kimmy’s blood sugar has been high quite a bit lately. We are working closely with her doctor and we’ve determined that Kimmy’s growing up and her Hyperglycemia is due to puberty. We had to adjust her Lantus dosage from 10 units morning and night to 12 units morning and night. Her Humalog dosage remains the same at 1 unit for every 10 carbohydrates. We also give a dosage of Humalog when she has a snack.

The big news is that we made the decision to switch over to an insulin pump. After some research and discussion with the “experts” we have decided to go with the MiniMed 530G with Enlite. It’s made by Medtronic. I won’t go into detail about this particular pump here; I’ll save the details for later and I’ll update our blog under the “Taking the Sting Out of the Bee” section when we get the actual pump. However, the two cool things about this particular pump is that it comes with the Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) – with other pumps you have to buy the CGM separately – and there’s also a neat feature that allows you to upload glucose and insulin data to a program that can be accessed by our Endocrinologist. This will allow Dr. K. to monitor Kimmy’s glucose and such and call me in order to make changes as necessary. We’re really looking forward to getting the pump and seeing how this changes Kim’s numbers.

Some great news that we wanted to share is that this past summer, Kimmy got baptized. Just like her brother and sister before her, Kimmy was baptized by her grandfather. It was an awesome experience. We continue to watch church online. The church that Kim’s Grandpa and Mamaw go to broadcasts their services online so for the moment we watch online.


One of our biggest stressors right now is that the factory that my husband works at closed and we are looking at potentially relocating. We like it here and we don’t want to move but if it becomes necessary to do it we’ll have to. Fortunately, Hubs got a job offer here in town and we’re just waiting to see if he gets a better offer somewhere else. I am not excited to relocate the kids, especially since they are involved in extracurricular activities at their school. We’re hoping that Hubs will take the job here in town. We’ll see though. Keep us in your prayers though!

Kimmy’s violin is going okay. We’re having some problems with it going out of tune quite a bit. We need to learn how to tune it so we don’t have rely on her teacher for tuning. It makes it really hard to practice when it’s out of tune! She’s learning a new Christmas song this year. Maybe she’ll be able to play it for her friend, Asha Mevlana who is the violinist for the Trans Siberian Orchestra West Group! Kimmy’s really looking forward to seeing Asha this year. We’ll be up in the balcony this year so we won’t be able to see Asha up close. Kimmy’s going to make a poster so that Asha can see it when she’s up on the platform arm. Asha told her to make sure she waves big so she can see her. 🙂

We’ll end this update with a Kimmy/Mr. Daddy Man funny: Kimmy recently got a cell phone. The day after she got it she had math homework and I had to tell her to get to it. Mr. Daddy Man posted this comment on Facebook: “I just heard the words that I’m going to be hearing for the next six years: ‘Kimmy, get off the phone and do your math!’” Too funny!!!!


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