Life Happens

It’s been a terribly long time since I’ve updated the blog. It’s been a long time since Kimmy’s checked in too. We’ve been terribly busy. I guess it’s just life happening all around us.

School’s out now. It’s been out for a few weeks. Kimmy and her brother have settled into a routine of staying up late watching silly cartoon TV shows and videos on their iPods. Kimmy LOVES the youtube videos by some girl who calls herself “CupQuake” or something like that. Apparently this girl likes to bake and she also likes to play the game Minecraft. She likes kittens too. All the things that Kimmy’s into. No wonder Kimmy likes her so much!

Speaking of kittens we sort of adopted a stray and the stray had kittens. We now have five tiny kittens that are rapidly growing up. We need to find homes for them but until then Kimmy and her brother are enjoying them immensely! They are cute.

We are also moving. My husband got a job as a plant engineer and we are in the process of cleaning up, getting rid of stuff and packing the house to move to another state. My husband is already living there and we’ve been traveling back and forth. We had to buy a new house and there’s all the business that goes along with that so while it has been stressful, it has also been good for the kids because they’ve gotten to see their grandma a lot while I’ve been traveling to take care of business (that’s known as TCOB in our house). Kimmy’s diabetes isn’t affected very much by our move. We will just have to let her current doctors know and find new ones in our new state. From what I hear though, the place where we are moving has a hospital that has excellent endocrinology department. I’m not worried.

Kimmy’s blood sugar has been pretty high over the past few months. We’re pretty sure this is due to the fact that Kimmy likes to snack. That in and of itself isn’t the problem. Kimmy can have snacks. She can even have the same kinds of snacks that her brothers do. The only difference is that Kimmy has to take insulin if her snack choice has carbs of over 15g. The problem here is that Kimmy will have a snack then not tell me she’s eaten something that’s over 15g of carbs. We lecture and gripe and nag but she still doesn’t tell us. I’ve taken to constantly checking on her. It is improving.

We had our one year “anniversary” of having Type 1 Diabetes April 3rd. I don’t think Kimmy even realized it was the “anniversary” and somehow I didn’t really think it was a reason to celebrate and having a cake seemed somewhat inappropriate. I just kind of quietly contemplated how far we’d come in the past year. It was also a moment to kind of go through my feelings of those days. I don’t think I ever processed my “grief” over the whole situation. I was too busy feeling relieved that it wasn’t something like cancer. Sometimes I have guilt over that relief. Some of the parents up there at the hospital don’t have that relief and I feel guilty that I am glad my daughter has a disease that won’t take her from me as long as we take care of her. I am blessed and as long as I thank God for the blessings I can release myself from that guilt.

So, that’s about all that’s been going on. We will try to be more regular in updating. We’re pretty busy right now but I’m sure Kimmy will take some time to post some pictures of the kittens at least!


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