January 12, 2014

January 12, 2014

We try to go out to eat as a family at least one night a week. This week it was tonight, Tuesday. There’s a local restaurant that offers kids’ meals from free with the purchase of an adult meal. I don’t mean to make us sound cheap but with a family of five it can get really pricey to eat out! So we try to get a good deal when we go out.

This night we happened to get a late start. My husband had worked late so he met us at the restaurant while I brought the kids. Dinner was our usual mish mash of conversation. When we were ready to leave it was decided that Kimmy and Matt would go with Bill because they needed new notebooks for school and Logan would go home with me. Logan is home schooled and doesn’t have to worry about notebooks. I wanted to make sure Kimmy got her insulin since she was going to be going to the store. In the hospital they told us that she needed to have her insulin dosage 30 minutes after she started eating. I wanted to make sure she got her insulin so it wouldn’t be a super long time after she had eaten and she wouldn’t go high. So we dosed up right there in the restaurant. A couple happened to be sitting at a table near ours. After Kimmy had skipped out the door to go with Mr. Daddy Man, that’s what she calls Bill, the husband of the couple asked me if she was alright. I replied that she is fine; she just has Type I Diabetes. He asked me a couple of questions about it and I ended up telling them our story. I suppose I probably gave them a whole lot more than they wanted to hear but once I get started I keep talking. The couple probably wished they’d never engaged me in conversation but the man seemed to have a basic understanding of Diabetes so I just kept talking. Sorry to the couple who were just eating their dinner and expressed sympathy for Kimmy but thank you just the same for saying God bless her!

Guess I’ll have to learn what is just enough to say and not give a whole lecture on Diabetes!

On another note, we’ve been high a few times. Once or twice it’s been because Kimmy’s eaten a snack and not told but this morning it wasn’t from anything she’d eaten. We suspect it’s because Kimmy has become a “tween” and her hormones are starting to go wacky. We go back to the endocrinologist in February. I’d like to get Kimmy on the pump but right now we just can’t afford it. We’re a little tight on money what with having two house payments and two electric bills and two water bills. Granted the utility bills for the house we aren’t living in aren’t as high as if we were living there but the house payment doesn’t change just because we aren’t living there and every little penny adds up so when we go back and stay there even if it’s just for a weekend it gets costly. Once we get rid of the second house I’ll look into getting the pump. Until then we’ve really got to watch our budget.


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