January 5, 2014

Well, here it is a new year once again. We’ve had many changes over the past year. The biggest change is that we’ve moved. My husband, Bill (Kimmy calls him Mr. Daddy Man,) got a new job and we had to relocate to Mississippi. We’ve been here since about the end of June and we like it here. It’s about ten degrees warmer than Southern Illinois where we were. We like that. The kids were still wearing shorts well into October!

Obviously with a move comes changes to Kimmy Sue’s Diabetes treatment. I’ve mentioned that we had to switch endocrinologists. We were having some problems with Kimmy’s blood sugar being high so she has switched up Kimmy’s dosage of Humalog as well as our nightly Lantus. Our measure is now one unit of insulin for every ten carbohydrates. We still give one unit for every 50 points above 150 when we take Kimmy’s blood sugar level. Kimmy’s Lantus dosage is now 9 units before bed time. It’s taken some time but her numbers have lowered. That makes us happy. She’s also become a “tween” (which means she’s starting to go through puberty….UGH!) which also will be affecting her blood sugar levels. We really like our new doctor and we’re glad to have her help while we’re going through these changes!

I think I’ve mentioned before that Dr. K. wants us to put Kimmy on the insulin pump. We’ve talked to several people about it but we’re still not sure about it. The cashier at McAlister’s said it was “life changing” for her which I think had a much more impressive affect on Kimmy than anything the doctor’s and nurses at the endocrinologist had to say. We decided that we would look into it in more detail after the first of the year. Our main issue is how much is it going to cost. Right now we really can’t afford to invest $1,000+ if insurance doesn’t cover a big chunk. Once the kids get back to school and everything has settled down I will call the insurance company and find out for sure and we will proceed from there. I will also investigate the different pumps and will probably post some blogs about each one. We certainly are open to comments about them so if you’re reading this and you’ve got a pump, let us know how you like it, etc. We’re interested in the brand/type you’ve got; are you happy with it; would you make a different choice if you had it do again, etc.

Kimmy’s main blood sugar monitor has gone missing. We had it yesterday morning. She took her blood sugar when she ate breakfast and then the next time she went to use it she couldn’t find it. She always leaves it on the counter and then I go behind her and put it in the Diabetes bag. I didn’t get that done and now it’s gone. We’ve looked everywhere in the kitchen and we can’t find it. I’ve sent her up to her room to clean it and see if it’s there. So far it’s not been found. We’re lucky we have the one that we keep in the school Diabetes bag. It’s nice to have a back up but I’d really like to find the main one. Insurance has decided they aren’t going to pay for the test strips for the Freestyle Lite monitor anymore so we have to replace those anyway. However, we do have a lot of strips left to use up so I’d like to find the monitor. I’m not looking forward to replacing the monitors. We have to make sure we get one that links to the endocrinologist’s computers but one that also insurance will cover the cost of the test strips. We’ll have to discuss it with the doctor when we go back in February.

We’ve had to switch our blog from Godaddy.com to WordPress. Go Daddy was too expensive and WordPress is free. Yay for free!!! I tried to transfer all our old posts but I’m not sure if I got everything copied to my computer before the other blog got shut down. Our posts will probably seem disjointed and I’m sorry for that. It’s because of the switch….well, that and we got really busy with the move and all the chaos that goes along with relocating, finding a new house, moving, getting unpacked and settled, etc. Life also has a way of happening around us so we don’t always post regularly. We will make an effort to do it more often than in the past.

So, from our house to yours, Happy New Year! We hope your new year is blessed. Come back often and see what’s going on with us!


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