January 25, 2014

January 25, 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I know, I know, I keep saying that but if I posted every day you’d get bored of hearing Kimmy’s blood sugar numbers so I try to post when something interesting has happened or an update as we go along.

Kimmy’s blood sugar has been running high lately. We believe it’s because she is growing up. The doctors all said that puberty can wreck havoc with blood sugar and I think we’re seeing evidence of that. Kimmy’s starting to go through puberty – all of sudden I’ve got a TWEEN on my hands and it’s boys, and fashion and make up and boys and clothes and boys – so her numbers are starting to be funky. There have been times when her blood sugar has been high and I know she’s not snacked and not told me. It’s just her body being freaky. We go to the doctor in March so we’ll discuss these things with her.

On to other interesting things. Remember how I told you all that Kimmy received a violin bow from the lovely and talented Asha Mevlana who plays electric violin for the Trans Siberian Orchestra? Well, we were trying to figure out how best to display the bow. We wanted to keep it off the ground and away from cats (and brothers.) I was looking for display cases and could only find something that would display both a violin and a bow. I decided then that maybe we should look into getting a cheap violin and buy a case to display both a violin and the bow. I found a student violin for cheap (REALLY cheap, like $36 cheap) on Amazon so I bought it. When it got here, Kimmy thought it was so cool that she has decided she wants to take violin lessons. 🙂 I took to the internet and at first all I could find were people who taught via Skype. I didn’t really feel comfortable with that so I emailed a music store and they emailed me a list of teachers who were local. We’ve picked one and Kimmy starts lessons on Monday. Thank you to Nana who said she would pay for lessons. We are lucky and appreciative to have a Nana who invests in the future of her grandchildren.

Kimmy’s health class is starting a unit on Diabetes. Kimmy said her teacher is going to rely on her to help teach the kids and I’m probably going to go in and talk to the kids too. Kimmy said she feels really important, like a real teacher. She’s decided that she wants to be a health teacher too. Cool!

That’s about all the excitement going on here. Until next time! Have a great day!


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