January 14, 2014

Not much has been going on but I thought I’d put an entry in anyway. Kimmy’s blood sugar has been high lately. Not sure what’s going on. This morning it was 232. Tonight at bedtime it was in the 320’s. This was after we’d given fourteen units of Humalog at dinner. All I can think is that she’s almost twelve and it’s hormones causing a ruckus. We go back to the doctor on March 12 so we’ll know more then. Last time she added three units of Lantus in the morning. She might increase that. She also might increase our dosage of Humalog after meals too. I’ve been thinking a lot about it and we just can’t afford to switch over to the pump right now. I guess we need to get our old house ready to sell and pray for it to sell quickly. Then we’ll have a little more financial freedom and we’ll look into the pump again. Until then we’ll have to adjust this way. I will be glad to get Kimmy leveled out. I worry when her blood sugar is high.


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