It’s Here!

It’s Here!!!

A few weeks ago we started the process to get Kimmy an insulin pump. After a couple bumps along the road we got the process going and the magic moment has arrived in the form of an insulin pump! We are super excited to start using it but we will have to get training and learn how to use it before we can start using it. Was that a DUH sentence or what? 😉

Hmmmmmmmmm, I wonder what's in the box?

Hmmmmmmmmm, I wonder what’s in the box?

I haven’t even opened the box yet; I thought I’d wait and let Kims open it herself. We will certainly have more to update when we get our training and get started. I’ll do a more detailed blog under the “Taking the Sting Out of the Bee” section once we’ve started using the pump.

We’d love to hear from all the pump users out there to let us know how you like/love or hate your pump. Share your experiences with us!


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