It’s Been a Long Few Days

It’s Been a Long Few Days

As I posted a few days ago we had a problem on Friday with getting our insulin refilled. We were unable to get it refilled and had been off the pump since Friday afternoon. We were glad we still had insulin pens for both Humalog (fast acting insulin) and Lantus (long acting insulin). We were able to administer insulin although Kims’ blood sugar was certainly out of whack! It’s kind of a blur now but while Kims’ blood sugar got pretty high it did hover between 200 and 300 over the past few days. At one point it was over 600 and I was worried we were going to have to go to the hospital. This was, of course, after her pump insulin had run out and we hadn’t started the pen yet. Kim hadn’t eaten anything and our old regimen had us giving Humalog after Kim had eaten and a dose of Lantus (12 units) in the morning and a dose of Lantus (again 12 units) before bed. I didn’t know whether to start the Lantus in the evening or wait until bed time. We ended up waiting until bed time. We did administer Humalog to bring down that super high blood sugar while monitoring for ketones. Which reminds me….I need to get some more ketone test strips. I better write that down or I will forget.

We had our three month check up today. Our appointment was at 8:00 this morning but it was a really, really rough morning for both Kim and me. Last night I was unable to sleep (which is completely unusual for me) and Kim was up super late, as in up until 2:00 late. It’s spring break so everyone’s been staying up really late this whole week. However, when we had to be somewhere at 8:00 which means we have to leave by 7:30 if not earlier to get there on time. Since I didn’t go to bed at all last night it wasn’t hard for me to get up and get moving but Kimmy didn’t want to move very fast. Fortunately, we were only about five minutes late but Kims’ endocrinologist has switched over to a new system so we had to fill out paperwork like we were a brand new patient. They’ve also gone high tech so we filled everything out on an iPad and sign up for a new patient portal. It was actually kind of cool filling everything out on a tablet. They told me that next time we’ll be able to fill out the questionnaire at home. That will certainly save time! By the time we were called back to the examination room we’d been there about an hour already and we were both starting to get tired.

In the examination room they had to go through all the updating and redoing all over again and it took a lot of time. The nurse said the new system didn’t want to recognize all of Kims’ old medications and prescriptions and she was getting frustrated. She kept saying “We have WAY too many patients for this today!” I felt bad for her. We did have a discussion early on about our experience on Friday. I told her I’d called the office twice on Friday and was told that the prescriptions had been called in but they weren’t and how we were told by the after hours people that the doctors weren’t to be bothered with refill prescriptions after hours and how frustrated we were. I was honest with her and told that I actually had been livid because we were out of Kimmy’s medication. She was understanding and I wasn’t mean or short with her and she told me next time to just come into the office and they would give us a bottle of insulin to get us through. Then she gave us two bottles of insulin so she was nurse of the day as far as we were concerned. AND we got the insulin pump back up and running. Kimmy is extremely happy. She HATES the pens and is super glad that she doesn’t have to get stuck anymore than checking her blood sugar.

Kims’ A1C was 10 today. That’s no change from last appointment but the doctor said it was okay given our last few days as well as the fact that Kimmy is going through puberty. She told us that puberty will affect Kimmy’s blood sugar. She said it will fluctuate and will be higher. To compensate for that she adjusted basal rates as well as sensitivity. We go back in four weeks to see how we’re doing.

All in all it was a pretty good visit even though Kimmy’s blood sugar has been higher than we want it to be. We believe we are on a better track and that we’ll get a handle on her fluctuating and high blood sugar.

After we got done with the doctor we went to Dunkin’ Donuts and Kim had donuts and hot chocolate. We sat and enjoyed the free Wifi and donuts. We ran a couple of errands and then went to Target. Kim found an adorable dress and tried it on. When she tried it on it transformed her from little girl to a young lady. It was amazing and the dress was absolutely beautiful on her. We bought the dress and she is excited to wear it to church on Sunday.

It’s been a very busy and long few days. We’re glad to have the pump up and functioning. We’re also looking forward to getting Kimmy’s blood sugar under control.


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