It’s a New Year!

It’s a New Year

Well, it’s a new school year and Kimmy is a year older. She’s thirteen and in eighth grade now. Where has the time gone? School started on the 5th of August. It seemed pretty early but I think if the truth were told, Kimmy was glad to go back. We had some pre-school drama. Kimmy was put in music choir and she didn’t want to be in THAT choir, she wanted to be in Elite Choir so she wanted her schedule changed. So they dropped choir and put her in P.E. At least one of her good friends is in the same class! She also had some issues with her locker and wanted that changed too. She was under the impression that the locker was located in the “special ed” section of lockers. The counselor told me that they put her in that particular area because it was easy to get in and out of. They thought it would be beneficial to her because of her diabetes. She also told me it is not the “special ed” section but Kimmy said that a lot of the SPED kids’ lockers are located there. While I have nothing against those kids I know that kids are cruel and the last thing Kims needs is to be made fun of for where her locker is. She already has a few problems with some of the kids and I was afraid Kim would be made fun of. So, she got her locker moved.

Kim went to school the first three days and was fine and she was fine all weekend and then yesterday she was getting ready for school and texted me from upstairs (yes, we do that) saying that her blood sugar was high and that she felt yucky. When she tested for ketones she had small ketones. I let her stay home. I went upstairs to check on her at 10:00 and she realized that she had pulled her inset out of her tummy. We figured that was what was causing the high blood sugar. We put in a new inset and she gave herself some insulin for her blood sugar. Around 1:00 she started feeling better and I thought we were good. She still had ketones though. Then this morning she said her blood sugar was still high and she still had ketones. I would have sent her to school but she said she felt yucky still. So I kept her home again. She slept most the day (which is going to cause problems tonight and tomorrow) and about 3:00 her blood sugar was 140 and she had negative ketones. She’ll go to school tomorrow but now she’s in a tizzy because one of her teachers wants them to have a quad ruled notebook and we can’t find one. Apparently the teacher is expecting them to have it this week and we don’t have it. Kim said she’s got homework from yesterday and today and is supposed to use the notebook. I’ve told her I will email the teacher and let her know that we haven’t found one and I refuse to spend $5 for a notebook. I’ve also told Kim that I’m sure the teacher will understand if she does her homework on regular graph paper until we can get the notebook. Kimmy doesn’t believe that it will be okay.

I guess school’s gotten off to a rough start. Hope it improves from here.


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