February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

Hello all! It’s late on Monday evening (almost Tuesday morning) and I’m still up. Kimmy just came down to test her blood sugar. We’re still having problems with it being high before bedtime. I think I’ll call the doctor tomorrow and see if they want to wait until March to deal with it or if they want to bring her in sooner. We handle it by giving extra insulin so it’s not that we’re letting her stay high; it’s just that it shouldn’t be that high after we give insulin for dinner and she doesn’t snack. It’s becoming a regular thing so either I’m not calculating insulin dosages right or there’s something going on. 😦 I’ll call tomorrow and see what they say.

On another note, Kimmy’s started her violin lessons. She’s had two so far and she’s very excited about it! That makes me super excited! Her first lesson consisted of learning the parts of the violin and the bow as well as tuning her new violin. We got a REALLY good deal on an inexpensive violin on Amazon.com. We paid $36+ shipping and handling for a violin, bow, case, tuner, a rosin cake and a set of extra strings. I think we ended up paying about $50 altogether. Kimmy’s violin teacher said the strings alone were probably worth $36 so I felt pretty good about the purchase. She did need to tune it though and she had to tune it again this week. However, she said it was because of the weather and this week it didn’t take as long to tune. So this week Kimmy learned how to hold the bow correctly and she got to play too. She hasn’t learned any notes yet but her teacher thinks she might be a natural and they are probably going to start learning that next week! I’m so super excited! This week Kimmy gets to practice drawing the bow across the strings in short strokes and long strokes. She’s doing very well with it. Her teacher wants her to practice 5 – 10 minutes five days a week and it’s not hard to get her to do it at all! Best of all we got another email from Ms. Asha Mevlana, otherwise known as Epic Violin Player, saying that she wants to hear Kimmy play when she gets further along! That is super exciting too! Oh, and if you are all wondering who Ms. Asha Mevlana is, she is one of the violinists from the Trans Siberian Orchestra. She is an amazingly talented woman who has a very kind heart. I’m not usually one to plug people unless I believe they truly deserve it but I think this woman does. Go check out her website: http://www.ashamevlana.com and check her out on youtube as well. So, when Kimmy’s got some practice (and a song or two) under her chin, we’ll post a video and you can all see what she’s been up to!

That’s about all that’s going on for now. We’ll check in again soon until then enjoy this picture of Kimmy’s “Beautiful Bow Hand;” that’s what her teacher calls the proper position to hold the bow.  I think Kimmy’s got it!  This photo was taken at today’s violin lesson.  🙂

Here Kimmy's modeling the proper way to hold your bow.  Lookin' good, Kims!

Here Kimmy’s modeling the proper way to hold your bow. Lookin’ good, Kims!


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