Famous People Have Diabetes?

Famous People Have Diabetes?

This evening I was dinking around on the computer and found a video that showed some exercises that one could do if one has a frozen shoulder. I was interested because my left shoulder hurts if I move it the wrong way so I thought these might help me. I watched the video then scrolled down to the comments to see if anyone had done them and what results they had. While scrolling I came across a video of Bret Michaels (front man for the awesome 80’s glam rock band, Poison – oooh, did I just show my age?) on the Piers Morgan show talking about whatever it is that Bret Michaels talks about on talk shows.

What’s interesting about this is that during what I’m assuming is a commercial break (they don’t show the actual incident but the blurb above the video describes it) Mr. Michaels starts to feel ucky and calls for his Diabetes kit. When they go back on the air, Piers Morgan brings the incident up and they talk T1D. Bret Michaels also shows Piers Morgan how he checks his blood sugar. He also discusses his life as a T1D and his reaction to his daughter having been diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes. He talks about how they have his daughter on a specific diet and how they incorporate exercise into her day, etc. Mr. Michaels says that they fight Diabetes every day. What I found kind of interesting was that Kimmy, hearing Mr. Michaels say this responded with this gem: “You don’t fight Type 1 Diabetes. You either have it or you don’t.” She’s right. If someone has T1D, at some point their pancreas will stop making insulin and that person will be dependent upon insulin injections or an insulin pump from that point on. I think I’ve posted the differences between T1D and T2D but I will have to do some research and post again because I find it to be an interesting topic.

While I don’t care for Piers Morgan, I did enjoy hearing Bret Michaels talk about having Type 1 Diabetes. I hope Kims found it interesting as well. I think it helps kids to see that even famous people like Bret Michaels and Nick Jonas have Type 1 Diabetes. When kids see these people living productive lives, when they see that these people aren’t letting T1D interfere with their gifts, talents and dreams, it’s a big inspiration.

If you’re interested in the video, here’s the link: http://blog.thediabetessite.com/bret-michaels-calls-for-diabetic-kit-on-air/#yKTuLfM68WH1MZQg.97

I hope whoever posted it doesn’t mind that I put it in this blog.


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