December 23, 2012

Kimmy seems all better now and for that I am grateful. Her stomach flu was very stressful and we are glad to be through it. She threw up for the last time Friday night around 10:00 but her Ketones were trace/none at that time so we didn’t have to call the hospital back. Unfortunately, we went up and down with them on Saturday so we had to make sure that Kimmy drank a lot of water to help flush her out. Kimmy doesn’t like to drink a lot of water and who can blame her? But we didn’t want to have to go back to the hospital so I was “naggy” mom and reminded her to keep drinking. Today has been much better.

I’ve spent the past few days talking a lot about Ketones so maybe if you aren’t a diabetic you might not know what they are and what the significance is. When the body does not have enough insulin and can’t feed itself it begins to burn it’s own fat. Ketones are acid that is produced when the body does this. When this happens Ketones get built up in the blood. When Ketones build up Diabetic Ketoacidosis can result. This is what brought us to the hospital. Some of the symptoms are nausea, thirst and frequent urination, loss of appetite, fatigue, abdominal pain, respiratory problems and an inability to think clearly. Of these symptoms, Kimmy Sue experienced nausea, constant thirst & frequent urination, loss of appetite, fatigue, and abdominal pain. These are the symptoms that brought us to the doctor and ultimately the hospital in April, 2012.

Ketones are “measured” as negative, trace, small, moderate and large. The scale seems a bit odd, but hey, whatever works! When Ketones are moderate or large, we have to call the endocrinologists. Having Ketones that are moderate or large for a long time can result in a build up and quite possibly Diabetic Ketoacidosis which means we might have to go back to the hospital to get them under control. We don’t want to go back to the hospital so we work really hard to keep blood sugar under control and Ketones at “negative”.

To test Ketones the hospital sent us home with testing strips. The stick is held in the urine flow. If Ketones are present the tip of the stick will turn a shade of pink (or if large a dark violet color). If Ketones are negative, the stick doesn’t change. We don’t check Ketones every day. We only check if blood sugar is over 300 or, as in the past couple of days, if Kimmy Sue is sick. This is our first experience with moderate or large Ketones since Kimmy Sue’s hospitalization. We are glad to have made it through without having to go back to the hospital. 🙂


So we are glad that Kimmy Sue is healthy again. Now we are hoping that everyone else in the family stays healthy….at least until after December 27th; that is when Kimmy Sue and I are going to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra! We first saw them on Kimmy’s birthday this year. We didn’t know it at the time, but Kimmy was already very sick so even though she enjoyed the performance, she wasn’t feeling well and was unable to appreciate it fully. We are very excited to be seeing them again for their Christmas performance, especially since Kimmy is well enough to enjoy it to the fullest!

The holidays are upon us so we probably won’t be checking in until after Christmas so we want to say that we hope everyone has a very blessed Christmas and a happy happy new year!


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