December 21, 2012

December 21, 2012

Well, today is the day the world is supposed to end, isn’t it? Looks like it’s not going to happen but we’re not having a good day today despite the continuance of the world. Kimmy Sue came downstairs at 2:00 this morning and informed us she had thrown up in the bathroom. It seemed like I had just fallen asleep and Bill was going to clean it up but I was awake so I went up there and did the dirty work. Now I can handle asthma (which Kimmy Sue’s brother, Logan who is going on thirteen, has) and Asperger’s (which Kimmy Sue’s brother, Logan, also has) and taking blood sugar and giving insulin shots. I can handle snotty noses and hacking coughs, skinned knees and bloody elbows but when it comes to vomiting, I’m a HUGE baby and it makes me feel like a bad mommy so I have to suck it up and deal with it. But for the record this is SO NOT what I enjoy doing. This flu has been circulating my house since Thanksgiving when Logan had it. This Monday the school nurse called and sent brother #2, Matthew, home with a low grade temperature. Matthew only just went back to school today after having a fever all week and the stomach flu on Wednesday/Thursday. (Matthew is the same age as Kimmy Sue.) I was praying that Kimmy Sue wouldn’t get it both because of the holidays coming up and we still have so much to do to prepare for company and for Christmas and because having the stomach flu with Type 1 Diabetes is different than just having the stomach flu. When Kimmy Sue vomits we have to call the endocrinologists. We have to take blood sugar and monitor that to make sure she’s not going low or high. This morning at 2:00, then later at 5:00 I didn’t think about that but when she vomited again at 7:30 we took her blood sugar. It was 215 which was strange since she had her usual dose of long acting insulin (Lantus) at about 9:00 last night and she had her dosage of short acting insulin (Humalog) at around 7:30 last night. She was low at 9:00 so she had some quick acting sugar and then went to bed. She was high at 7:30 this morning. We had to wait until 8:00 to call the endocrinologist and they wanted to get a Ketone check. Kimmy Sue wasn’t able to go to the bathroom so we couldn’t get that. I don’t think she’s dehydrated at this point but it is definitely something we need to keep an eye on. Laura, the nurse, told us that if she gets dehydrated we will have to come in to the hospital and hook up to an IV to get some fluids in her. We are praying to not have to do that. Kimmy Sue also has diarrhea. So we’ve got kind of a double wammy. Poor baby!

As I was saying, having the stomach flu with diabetes is different than just having the stomach flu. When the boys were sick we could put them on the couch and then go back to sleep. We would wake up or they would come get us if they threw up but with Kimmy Sue we have to monitor blood sugar. Nurse Laura told me to give Kimmy the regular dosage of Humalog as if she had eaten and we were compensating for a high blood sugar reading. Right now for Kimmy that is one unit for every 50 over 150. That means that if Kimmy’s blood sugar is over 150 we would give her one unit of Humalog for every 50 higher than 150. So if she has a blood sugar reading of 182 then we give her Humalog for what she eats then one extra unit for the blood sugar. So, with her blood sugar at 215 we gave her two units. Nurse Laura told me to have Kimmy sip some regular clear soda (not diet or sugar free) to both help settle her stomach (who doesn’t remember drinking 7up or Sprite or Ginger Ale when they were sick?) and to make sure she didn’t go low since we gave her insulin. Kimmy was supposed to take smalls sips of the soda every five minutes for two hours. Then I was supposed to call the nurse back. After about an hour and a half we took Kimmy’s blood sugar again. It was around 154 so the nurse said Kimmy could sleep for a little bit and we needed to call back at 10:45. That’s where we’re at right now. Kimmy doesn’t want to take her blood sugar again but she will. She’s a good girl. She’s testing right now and we have a reading of 126. This is a good reading. I’m going to call Nurse Laura back and I expect her to say Kimmy can rest for two hours and then we will need to test again. Just as I thought. Nurse Laura said she can rest for a couple of hours, then we check blood again but she really wants to get a Ketone check to make sure we don’t have elevated Ketones.

Finally got Ketones checked. Ketones are moderate. The nurse said she wanted Kimmy Sue to drink 4 ounces of sugary soda in an hour. She wants to get Kimmy’s blood sugar raised, her blood sugar is 124, so we can give Kimmy insulin for the Ketones. On the bright side, Kimmy Sue says that her tummy feels better and she’s acting like her old self again. Maybe her tummy flu won’t be as bad as her brothers’ was. I’m hoping it won’t be. We were both able to get a nap and Kimmy hasn’t thrown up since 7:30 this morning. I hope we are on the way to recovery.

12/21/2012 7:00 P.M.

Kimmy Sue’s Ketones went from moderate at 2:00 this afternoon to large at around 6:30. We called the on call Endocrinologists and they recommended Kimmy try to eat something and we gave her more insulin. The real trick though is for Kimmy to keep drinking. I’m going with the soda since that’s what Nurse Laura said for her to drink. We are to check her blood sugar, which was 124 at 6:30, again in an hour to make sure she doesn’t go low and call the Endocrinologist back. I asked Kimmy what she wanted to eat and she didn’t seem to enthusiastic to eat. At first I was going to give her some strawberries and cream oatmeal but then I remembered that we had oranges (ready for Christmas stockings!) and the doctor recommended juice so I gave her an orange. She seemed to enjoy that and she said she doesn’t feel sick to her stomach anymore so I felt safe giving her that. Kimmy got a nap this afternoon which I believe is why her Ketones went high because she wasn’t drinking fluids while she was napping and that’s the way to bring Ketones down. Now that she’s up we will keep her flushed with fluids and it shouldn’t be too long before we get the Ketones under control. I’m worried that if we don’t they will make us go back into the hospital. Neither one of us wants that! I’m still exhausted; I’m going on about three hours of sleep but I’ve got to get Kimmy back to normal before I can rest.

12/21/12 10:00 P.M.

Kimmy threw up again. Bummer! Thought we were through this but apparently we aren’t. On the up side, her Ketones are down to none which is a very good thing. We don’t have to call the hospital back and I’m glad. Now we can go to bed and get some rest and hope that Kimmy is better tomorrow.


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