Christmas in November

Christmas in November

Kimmy opened the insulin pump box when she got home from school yesterday. It was like opening a Christmas present. There were four boxes in the box and a packet of information. We got the pump itself out as well as the continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to look at up close and personal. Our pump is pink and pretty cool looking. We didn’t know what half of the stuff was for so we’re really excited to get set up with our training.

I left a message yesterday for Patti, our Medtronic Startright Representative, to call us so we can set up training. She wasn’t in the office yesterday and I thought she’d call back today but she hasn’t. Hope to hear from her tomorrow because we’ve got a box full of cool stuff that we want to start using!

That’s where we’re at right now. Hope to get started really soon! Maybe I’ll call and see if she’s still in the office or leave another message. If you hadn’t noticed, we’re pretty excited to get started!


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