CGM Training and Other Events of the Past Couple of Weeks

CGM Training and Other Events of the Past Couple of Weeks

It’s been a stressful couple of weeks for Kimmy Sue. She’s been sick quite a bit and I’m not quite sure if it’s Diabetes related or if it’s simply the stuff that’s going around. She got sent home from school after she got sick in school and then ran a temperature for a couple of days while she had a sore throat and a stuffy nose and congestion. (I got that one too, kept me down for two days!) She’s also been complaining about her stomach not feeling well. I know she can feel like that when she’s had high blood sugar and she’s had high blood sugar an awful lot lately. She’s been pretty bad about not checking her blood sugar enough and not giving insulin after she’s eaten. I’m pretty frustrated because I thought that when we got the pump we would not have this problem anymore. It seems I was wrong and we are back to treating her like she’s little and can’t do things for herself.

So on Wednesday we went to see Valerie to have CGM training. CGM stands for continuous glucose monitor. I was really impressed with the CGM device. It delivers a lot of information to the pump which looks like it can be very useful in helping to regulate Kimmy’s treatment. It’s not terribly complicated to use but it is time consuming and it is a bit of busy work. Kimmy has to calibrate it with her blood sugar meter at least three times a day. It also has several kinds of alerts and it is a bit confusing. Training went well but when we got off on our own it didn’t seem to work. Kimmy hates it too. I think it was not a very wise choice to get training and then go off to school the next day. I think we needed a weekend to get the bugs worked out. Here it is the weekend and we STILL can’t seem to work the bugs out. We’ll get it though.

Part of the problem is that we are out of test strips for the meters that are linked with the pump. We told the doctor when we went for our three month check up and they said they would call it in to the new pharmacy. That was over a week ago and we never got anything so I called the doctor and they said they called it in. So I called the pharmacy (it’s a mail order pharmacy) and they said nothing was called in. I’m going to have to call on Monday and sort everything out because we are OUT of test strips and Kimmy can’t find her Accucheck meter which is the meter we have boxes and boxes of test strips for. UGH! I guess we’ll have to put on a big search for the Accucheck until we can get strips for the Contour. I’ve got a box full of meters with no test strips and boxes of test strips with no meter! How does THAT happen?

So here we are at this place where I feel like Kimmy is rebelling and while I can’t really blame her; I would be aggravated at everyone nagging me all the time and having to do this stuff all the time but at the same time I’m worried sick that she’s not taking care of herself and developing bad habits that are going to continue throughout her life. She doesn’t realize that the things she does NOW are going to affect her health later when she is older. I don’t know how to help her. I guess all I can do right now is treat her like a baby and do everything for her. I’m pretty frustrated and I know she is too but I love her and I want to keep her around.

I will try to get her to post more too. Perhaps if she would post how she’s feeling about this maybe she could make contact with other girls her age who might be experiencing the same things. Maybe then she could get through this without feeling like Mom is nagging her and giving her grief all the time. Maybe it would make her feel more normal and that’s something she really needs, especially as she is (too) rapidly approaching being a teenager and puberty and all the stuff that goes along with that.


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