Can I Have a Snack?

Can I Have a Snack?

This is one of the first things out of the mouth of my kids when they come barreling through the door after school. For the boys, this isn’t a problem. They rush to the pantry and grab a brownie or a Nutty Bar or any other various Little Debbie snack that we happened to have stocked up on and believe me, when I say stocked up, I mean stocked up! With three kids in the house and between after school snacks and school lunches we buy in bulk! Since Kimmy Sue has Type 1 Diabetes, snacks for her are different. She can’t just go into the pantry and grab something to eat. We have to make sure that any snack she wants to eat has the appropriate amount of carbohydrates. At the hospital they told us that she can have a snack that has 15 gram carbs or less. They gave us a list of such snacks but let’s face it, what kid realistically eats celery after school? We are lucky, one of Kimmy’s favorite foods is cheese and she can eat cheese without giving her insulin but she doesn’t always want to eat cheese. She has a bit of a sweet tooth and quite frankly, she comes by it honestly! Her grandfather has a sweet tooth and her mother has a sweet tooth. Every since we found out she has diabetes, we’ve tried really hard to limit her intake of sweets. Let me state here for the record, eating sweets DID NOT cause her to have diabetes. This is a common misconception….even my hair dresser whose step son was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes believes that his diabetes was caused by his diet. Kimmy Sue’s diabetes was caused by her body’s inability to produce insulin. (That’s the Reader’s Digest condensed novel version of what causes diabetes. If you are interested in a more in depth but not quite technical explanation, check out our blog called “What’s Type 1 Diabetes” under the “What’s going on” tab.) Anyway, Kimmy Sue’s diabetes was not caused by her eating a lot of sweets. She didn’t eat more than the average kid. Her diabetes wasn’t caused by her diet. And I don’t think that allowing her to eat a little bit of sweets is a bad thing. Our bodies need fat to function. The only difference between Kimmy and the average kid is that we have to give her insulin when she does eat sweets.

Anyway, somehow I have digressed from the point…..where was I? Oh, yes, the after school snack.

Here is the list of carbohydrate free snacks the hospital sent home with us:

1 Tbsp Peanut butter spread on 5 celery sticks

1/4 cup of cottage cheese

1 cup of light popcorn

1/4 almonds, peanuts, pistachio or macadamia nuts

string cheese

Salad: 1 c lettuce/spinach, 1/2 c carrots

1/2 c tomatoes, 2 tbsp dressing

1 c raw broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, cucumbers dipped in 2 tbsp light ranch dressing

Cucumber salad prepared with thinly sliced cucumbers, sour cream, dill and vinegar

2 oz grilled chicken breast mixed with light mayo/mustard or Italian dressing, wrap in lettuce leaf

Baby carrots w/2 tbsp ranch dressing, 1 piece of string cheese

Omelet: 1 egg and 1 egg white, 1/4 c green pepper, 1 c shredded cheese.

Here’s the list of healthy 15 gram snacks:

1 small piece of fresh fruit

3 cups light popcorn

1 tbsp peanut butter or 1 oz cheese and 5 tristcuit or whole grain crackers

Peanut butter or cheese on 1 slice of whole grain toast

1 c vegetable soup

String cheese and 10 Triscuits

Salad: 1 c lettuce/spinach, 1/2 c carrots, 1/2 c tomatoes, 2 tbsp dressing

1 oz cheese melted on 1/2 whole wheat English muffin

1/2 c cottage cheese with 1/2 c fruit

2 tbsp peanut butter w/1/2 apple

1 oz cheese cubes and 1/2 c fruit

1 sheet Graham cracker and 4 oz milk

8 oz milk

1/2 tortilla w/1 oz melted cheese

1 tbsp hummus w/pita bread

1/2 c yogurt (look for those with the least amount of sugar)

Baby carrots w/2 tbsp ranch dressing, 1 piece string cheese

Now, these lists are fine and dandy and they are certainly healthy. But kids don’t always want healthy and if you don’t allow them to indulge slightly under supervision, they will indulge in over abundance without supervision. So, we have discovered some snacks that are less than “healthy” but are within the 15 gram carb range and allow Kimmy to have these after school. We will post of list of the things that Kimmy Sue sometimes snacks on after school, adding to it as we discover new treats that are within the 15 gram carbohydrate range. The list will include both healthy and “less than healthy” snacks. For instance, today she had 13 Milk Duds which has a carbohydrate count of 28 grams. I will give her 1 unit of insulin because this is over the 15 gram limit which brings me to my last point. If Kimmy does happen to go over the 15 gram carbohydrate limit we have to give her insulin. She is aware of this and while getting insulin isn’t painful; it’s a hassle that we prefer to avoid if we don’t have to do it so we try really hard to keep are snacking within the limit.


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