Not a Happy Mom

Not A Happy Mom

Well, today has been a really crappy day. The kids have been in and out of school over the past couple of weeks. That’s unusual for our area and the kids have been glad to be out of school. On top of that Kimmy’s been sick quite a bit lately. She’s had the stomach flu and then yesterday she had a fever and has a cold now.

We’ve been on the pump for a few months now and I’m really pleased with it. However, I think Kimmy’s been lax about her treatment. She’s not been testing her blood sugar and her doctor is getting really exasperated with her. We’ve included the Continuous Glucose Monitor to her treatment and we’ve found that it is just too much. Kimmy is overwhelmed with it. It requires her to sync it with the pump three times a day. We’re having trouble getting it do what it’s supposed to do so we are going to tell the doctor that right now it is just too much. We will work with it this summer when she’s under my eyes all day every day.

Yesterday the kids were out of school and Kimmy told me she had 40 units of insulin left in her pump. A few days before we had used the last of the insulin in the bottle so I knew I needed to call it in but got busy. I called the endocrinologist yesterday to get a refill but they were closed due to the inclement weather. Today I called around eleven and talked to the nurse. She said she would call the prescription in. A couple hours later I called the pharmacy; they said the prescription hadn’t been called in. So I called the endocrinologist back and talked to the nurse again. I verified that it was the pharmacy that we normally use and she said yes. She said the prescription had been called in so I called the pharmacy back. They said the prescription had not been called in. So I called the endocrinologist back but they were closed. I talked to the answering service and they took down all my information and said if I didn’t hear back from a doctor in fifteen minutes to call back. I fell asleep and woke up about half an hour later when my husband called asking if he needed to pick up the prescription. I filled him in on the situation then called the endocrinologist back. I talked to a different guy who told me that as per another doctor in the clinic that they weren’t allowed to call the doctors after hours about prescription refills. By this time I was pretty upset. Kimmy is out of insulin; it’s Friday and the nurse didn’t call in her prescription like I was told so now what am I supposed to do? Luckily we do have left over Humalog and Lantus pens but I shouldn’t be in the situation in the first place. I called the doctor’s office in plenty of time for the prescription to be called in AND filled. I called several times to be exact. This shouldn’t have happened! I guess we’ll be using the pens for the weekend and on Monday I’ll be back on the phone with the doctor who we see on the 11th.


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